Saturday, August 17, 2013

Well THERE'S ya problem..!

Spotted the issue here yet? Yes, that'd be an instant flat tyre, thanks very much..!

So that was my third flat of the trip (so far... It ain't over yet!) but nothing compared to Will, who's leading at at least 7...

Flat aside, it was a good day. We'd bush camped the night before, and for once, things weren't too dew covered & wet when we packed up, so we started the days roll pretty well.

As the day wore on though, the many up and down roller-coaster style hills began to add up, and the constant gusting headwinds started to tire us out sooner than usual, so at around 75 miles, finding a diner in the small village of Finland was very welcome.

After a great burger each, we all opted for one of the amazing home baked desserts that were on offer... Tom had his favorite, the chocolate cake, Will chose the Butter Tart, and I had to go for the awesome blueberry pie & ice cream... Oh yeah!

Fueled up, we knocked out the last 18 miles of the day to Emo, just inside the Canadian border, where the town Fair was in full swing with fairground rides, cotton candy, drag cars and horse riding... Quite the bright and noisy sights and sounds!

We got the all-OK from the local police to camp at the back of the fairgrounds where there were other RVs set up, so we plonked ourselves at the far corner of the field and made camp.

This morning, we have rolled over the river, and back into the good old Yoo-Ess-of-Ayy...
And back into a solid 20 mph headwind! So we have stopped at the Hardee's just south of town to grab a feed, review the map and get out of the wind for a bit...

More to come soon...



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Location:Emo Rd,Fort Frances,Canada

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