Saturday, August 10, 2013

Brandon bound...

Leaving Sinclair was an easy affair as we packed up dry, the night having been quite mild, and the cover of the trees preventing any morning dew forming on the tents.

The morning ride was a breeze... Literally. A nice tailwind gently assisted us along towards the still rising sun as some morning mist began to evaporate from the surrounding fields.

Will was a bit later leaving, and Tom was a bit earlier than me, but once I caught Tom up at a crossroads where he was taking a break, we waited a while together for Will and pondered on trail messages...

Finding a discarded apple, I tried leaving a message for Will on the road... It actually worked!

Not that we ended up needing it, as it wasn't long before Will appeared on the horizon and caught us up.

A quick roadside snack break, and we began to roll again, making our way east and north towards the town of Brandon.

As we reached town, some 79 miles from the start of the day, the darkening skies finally broke and the rain came down, so it was time for an early dinner at the co-joined KFC and Taco Bell.

Once the rain had mostly done and was just drizzling, we rolled north 5 miles to the main Trans Canada route 1 and the campsite there, where we set up for the night...

Unfortunately, the mozzies nailed my forehead before I could get my cap on... Bastards!

Having a light supper at the nearby Maccas, I had to snap a pic of a truck towing a truck towing a truck towing a truck..! Seriously!

Tomorrow, we push on towards Winnipeg...

More soon!




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