Tuesday, August 6, 2013

80 miles of misery...

Rain. Torrential rain...

We got away from camp ok, but not for long as the black clouds that quickly built all around us soon let loose...

No pictures were taken, as we bowed out heads to the downpour and squelched our way 80 long miles to Moosejaw.

The spray and blast from passing vehicles got us soaked just as much as from the falling rain, so by the time we reached the town we were more than ready to pay just about anything for a motel to dry out and warm up in... The Days Inn was one of the first we spotted, and with free breakfast and a hot tub, plus a large room for all 3 of us, it was just fine.

My cold, wet hands were in full zombie mode by the time we rolled the unfortunately filthy bikes into the room (they don't seem to kind that here..!).
No mess was made tho... We keep it clean..!

Typically, about 2 hours after checking in and stringing up a make-shift clothes line from lamp fitting to door hinge to curtain rail and hanging everything that was wet on it, the clouds broke and within 30 minutes, there was a blue blue sky and beaming sunshine!

We used that sunshine wisely and dried out the tents in the parking lot before heading over the road to the DQ for a burger and a naughty blizzard.

Once full and satisfied, we did a quick food and snack top-up at the supermarket where I spotted the amusing sign below;

I don't know about icy conditions... I thought it looked more like "No 'Saturday Night Fever, Travolta-style' moves!"...

A rule that Will was only too happy to rage against..!

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