Monday, September 2, 2013

Done, finished, completed... Oh yeah!

Roadwarriors 7; Out of Alaska, is COMPLETE!

We all made it back, injury free and feeling good having covered 4107 miles since leaving Anchorage, Alaska, 65 days earlier.
We spend 58 of those days riding... The other 7 days were rest days.
Our average mileage was 70.8 miles per day, and the total time spent actually in the saddle, pedaling the bikes, was 313 hours... Or 13 days of ASS TIME.
Back at Toms, we had a big pile of laundry first on the list of things to get done..! (And a semi-naked Will in the background..!)

After a couple of days resting, cleaning and sorting gear out, we hit the road south to see our good friends Margie and Phil in Mankato, where we again cooked and eat up a storm!

I was Margie's kitchen bitch once more...

Home made apple pie, with home grown apples! AWESOME!

We also went out wake surfing with Phil, and after a few face-plants each (more than a few for me..!) we all got the knack for getting upright on the board. Then it was time to get some cool shots!

Me, up and loving it!

Will, carving up the wave...

Tom, the fastest to get up, showing his style...

It was a great weekend down in Mankato, and we were sorry to have to leave, but whilst he was in Minneapolis, Will had to see the enormous Mall of America, so we bid a fond goodbye (for now!) to Margie & Phil and hit the road north.
We spent a fun few hours wandering and checking out all the sights and sounds at the MOA, as well as the indoor theme park.

Again, all good things have to come to an end though, and we had to bid a fond farewell to Will, as he had to get back to the Lone Star State and get back to earning some green...But not before we bestowed the great and much coveted honor of official Roadwarrior status upon our biking buddy.

Will at MSP, ready to head back down to Texas.
So now, Tom and I are hitting the road around the USA, visiting some of the best natural wonders there are to be seen and photographed..!

This will be the end if this years adventure journal... Facebook seems to be the more preferred way that people follow us, so I'll be posting pix and updates there from now on.
Cheers y'all.
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Location:Columbia Heights, MN.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Well THERE'S ya problem..!

Spotted the issue here yet? Yes, that'd be an instant flat tyre, thanks very much..!

So that was my third flat of the trip (so far... It ain't over yet!) but nothing compared to Will, who's leading at at least 7...

Flat aside, it was a good day. We'd bush camped the night before, and for once, things weren't too dew covered & wet when we packed up, so we started the days roll pretty well.

As the day wore on though, the many up and down roller-coaster style hills began to add up, and the constant gusting headwinds started to tire us out sooner than usual, so at around 75 miles, finding a diner in the small village of Finland was very welcome.

After a great burger each, we all opted for one of the amazing home baked desserts that were on offer... Tom had his favorite, the chocolate cake, Will chose the Butter Tart, and I had to go for the awesome blueberry pie & ice cream... Oh yeah!

Fueled up, we knocked out the last 18 miles of the day to Emo, just inside the Canadian border, where the town Fair was in full swing with fairground rides, cotton candy, drag cars and horse riding... Quite the bright and noisy sights and sounds!

We got the all-OK from the local police to camp at the back of the fairgrounds where there were other RVs set up, so we plonked ourselves at the far corner of the field and made camp.

This morning, we have rolled over the river, and back into the good old Yoo-Ess-of-Ayy...
And back into a solid 20 mph headwind! So we have stopped at the Hardee's just south of town to grab a feed, review the map and get out of the wind for a bit...

More to come soon...



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Location:Emo Rd,Fort Frances,Canada

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Riding the thin white line...

The chosen campground was a great place to stop for the night, being a mile or so off the highway, and therefore devoid of traffic noise.

Getting there, we opted for the path-less-taken again, turning off the main highway earlier than riding to a more main junction, and taking the alleged 'road' Google Maps offered us... It was a fun 2 miles of dirt, sand and trees to bash through and over, but we made it ok.

Whilst setting up the tents, we saw many a small frog hopping around, so I got up close and personal with one for a moment... The iPhone 5 does a pretty decent macro shot..!

Leaving the campground this morning, we were hoping the road shoulder was going to return sooner rather than later, but for the first 12 miles, we were still having to ride the thin white line... So I took up the rear-gunner position and set both my tail lights to strobe mode... It really makes a big difference, making us much more visible from a long way back, and meaning we were mostly given a good wide berth.

Above, Will, riding ahead of me into the rising sun, skimming along the edge of the road along the thin white line.
After 35 more miles of Manitoba, we made it across to our last province... Ontario.

And after another 20 miles or so, we are at a great little Shell station, with a very well stocked store and café where I'm about to sink my teeth into a very well stuffed, freshly made, roast beef sanger... Oh yeah!

More soon...
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Location:Voyageur Route,,Canada

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A rest break amongst the Aspens...

It's hard to take pictures whilst riding... Especially along the past 17 miles which have had only a deep gravel shoulder, so we've had to ride on the edge of the right lane...

Big-rigs, motor-homes, cars, caravans and motorbikes have all blown past us, but most with the common sense and forward vision to move into the left hand lane... It's only the odd prat that has buzzed us a bit, but luckily they were vastly in the minority.

So now we are taking another rest, or ASS-BREAK! at a small roadside rest area, where I'm reclined in comfort on a picnic bench, typing this, and enjoying the blue sky framed Aspens as they sway gently in the welcome westerly breeze that's been assisting us on our ride east today...

More later from the campground... 10 short last miles away.



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A sunny lunch break..!

Aaaaaah yeah!
Just had a nice tin of stew & a naughty Cherry Dr Pepper from the gas station... And now a little snooze in the perfect-temperature, not-too-hot sunshine on the grass...

We will roll on shortly... About another 50 kms/30 miles to our planned campsite for the night...

More soon...




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Location:Therrien Dr,,Canada

Another roadside rest break...

20 miles outside of Winnipeg, it is time to give the butt a break from the saddle and take a rest break... Oh yeah!

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Location:Municipal Road No 29 E,Taché,Canada

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Welcome to Winnipeg...

It's been 5 years, but I'm back in the PEG!

We did a short 45 mile day to get into town, but it was a a bit of a tough push, riding against a stiff easterly headwind.

Fortunately, we were riding after a great solid cooked breakfast... We met Dwayne at the campground the night before, and as the owner of a nearby diner, he offered to give us a ride to breakfast and back to the campsite after... And boy what a brekky!! A generous feed at a great price, we were feeling very satisfied and fueled up as we started the days ride.

Dwayne, Tom, Will and me... Full and fueled!

We were in town by lunch, and near-o'd into the Holiday Inn, where we are resting up for a full zero today... We've already re-supplied this morning, and are now doing emails and updates, as well as getting our craving feed on... Mmmmmm, Ravioli..!

Tomorrow, we ride out eastwards again, and will be taking about 3 to 4 days to get into Ontario and down to International Falls, where we'll cross into the US.

For now,



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Location:Colony St,Winnipeg,Canada