Thursday, August 15, 2013

Riding the thin white line...

The chosen campground was a great place to stop for the night, being a mile or so off the highway, and therefore devoid of traffic noise.

Getting there, we opted for the path-less-taken again, turning off the main highway earlier than riding to a more main junction, and taking the alleged 'road' Google Maps offered us... It was a fun 2 miles of dirt, sand and trees to bash through and over, but we made it ok.

Whilst setting up the tents, we saw many a small frog hopping around, so I got up close and personal with one for a moment... The iPhone 5 does a pretty decent macro shot..!

Leaving the campground this morning, we were hoping the road shoulder was going to return sooner rather than later, but for the first 12 miles, we were still having to ride the thin white line... So I took up the rear-gunner position and set both my tail lights to strobe mode... It really makes a big difference, making us much more visible from a long way back, and meaning we were mostly given a good wide berth.

Above, Will, riding ahead of me into the rising sun, skimming along the edge of the road along the thin white line.
After 35 more miles of Manitoba, we made it across to our last province... Ontario.

And after another 20 miles or so, we are at a great little Shell station, with a very well stocked store and café where I'm about to sink my teeth into a very well stuffed, freshly made, roast beef sanger... Oh yeah!

More soon...
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Location:Voyageur Route,,Canada

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