Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A rest break amongst the Aspens...

It's hard to take pictures whilst riding... Especially along the past 17 miles which have had only a deep gravel shoulder, so we've had to ride on the edge of the right lane...

Big-rigs, motor-homes, cars, caravans and motorbikes have all blown past us, but most with the common sense and forward vision to move into the left hand lane... It's only the odd prat that has buzzed us a bit, but luckily they were vastly in the minority.

So now we are taking another rest, or ASS-BREAK! at a small roadside rest area, where I'm reclined in comfort on a picnic bench, typing this, and enjoying the blue sky framed Aspens as they sway gently in the welcome westerly breeze that's been assisting us on our ride east today...

More later from the campground... 10 short last miles away.



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