Monday, September 2, 2013

Done, finished, completed... Oh yeah!

Roadwarriors 7; Out of Alaska, is COMPLETE!

We all made it back, injury free and feeling good having covered 4107 miles since leaving Anchorage, Alaska, 65 days earlier.
We spend 58 of those days riding... The other 7 days were rest days.
Our average mileage was 70.8 miles per day, and the total time spent actually in the saddle, pedaling the bikes, was 313 hours... Or 13 days of ASS TIME.
Back at Toms, we had a big pile of laundry first on the list of things to get done..! (And a semi-naked Will in the background..!)

After a couple of days resting, cleaning and sorting gear out, we hit the road south to see our good friends Margie and Phil in Mankato, where we again cooked and eat up a storm!

I was Margie's kitchen bitch once more...

Home made apple pie, with home grown apples! AWESOME!

We also went out wake surfing with Phil, and after a few face-plants each (more than a few for me..!) we all got the knack for getting upright on the board. Then it was time to get some cool shots!

Me, up and loving it!

Will, carving up the wave...

Tom, the fastest to get up, showing his style...

It was a great weekend down in Mankato, and we were sorry to have to leave, but whilst he was in Minneapolis, Will had to see the enormous Mall of America, so we bid a fond goodbye (for now!) to Margie & Phil and hit the road north.
We spent a fun few hours wandering and checking out all the sights and sounds at the MOA, as well as the indoor theme park.

Again, all good things have to come to an end though, and we had to bid a fond farewell to Will, as he had to get back to the Lone Star State and get back to earning some green...But not before we bestowed the great and much coveted honor of official Roadwarrior status upon our biking buddy.

Will at MSP, ready to head back down to Texas.
So now, Tom and I are hitting the road around the USA, visiting some of the best natural wonders there are to be seen and photographed..!

This will be the end if this years adventure journal... Facebook seems to be the more preferred way that people follow us, so I'll be posting pix and updates there from now on.
Cheers y'all.
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