Sunday, June 30, 2013

Burgers at Beaver Creek.

Although we left Alaska and crossed into Canada some 20 miles ago, it wasn't until we were just outside Beaver Creek, battling into a good headwind, that we reached the Canadian Customs Border checkpoint.

After clearing the checkpoint, which was a nice easy process with the Canadian customs officer being cheerful and humorous, we continued on, faces feeling dry and wind-blown, to the small town on Beaver Creek where we stopped at Buckshot Betty's café to have a good feed. And what a feed!

After thoroughly gorging ourselves, we made the days final push to Snag Lake CG, another 12 miles south into the still persisting headwind.

Headwinds are not fun. Especially on the rough chip-seal Yukon roads were are now not rolling so smoothly on... But the scenery is still awesome!

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