Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A tape measure..!?

What the heck?!

I've never had my bike box measured before... But that's what happened as I checked it in at the ANA counter.

I had already cut the box down to regulation size... Give or take a centimeter or two... But it would seem that that cm or two was important!

The total linear limit is 203cm. My box added up to be 205cm... Dammit. And for a moment there, the blood pressure started to rise as it looked like they were going to make something out of those 20mm of extra box...

Luckily, one of the supervisors at ANA is a damn fine fella, and said it was OK... They could see I'd cut the box down and taped it up well, and he joked that the tape had added a tiny bit if extra dimension to the box, but they'd let it pass... To put it mildly... PHEW!

So now I'm sat at my gate, waiting for it to open and to go through the metal detectors...

I have my mini CF tripod with me, and a TSA print out that says they're OK to go as carry-on... I really hope that rule holds!

Fingers and toes crossed!



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