Monday, July 29, 2013

Kicking back in Canmore.

What a great few days!
We got to meet up with my lovely wonderful friends Katrina and Mike, and their cool little man, Zion, the best-behaved baby EVER!

ZION! (And 2nd cousin Sydney's hands..!)

Tom, Kat, Zion (hiding) and Will.

Me and my main man Mike.

Kat, Mike, Zion and their friend Tracey came out to the Icefields Parkway to meet us, and we camped out at Lake Louise, which is absolutely stunning. The next morning, Mike took us up to the lake, and the equally beautiful Lake Moraine to take some pix and enjoy it before riding back to Canmore with us.

Mike and Kat took turns to ride with us, whilst Tracey smashed out the whole 50 miles back to Canmore with us... The headwind was a real bitch though!

We got to see the amazing hotel Mike helps maintain, as well as have a soak in the thermal pools nearby. The views from their condo, as well as from all around town were amazing... The town is in a valley between 2 huge rugged mountain ranges... Stunning scenery wherever you look... We loved it!

What a view from the condo balcony..!

The thermal pools... Aaaaaaah!

Mountain tops peeking over the morning mist.

The huge rubble field left by the floods...

Mike & his hotel...

Inside the hotel.

Lord Tom, awaiting his minions...
(the cat ran away before I took the picture)... Hahaha.

The view from the 8th floor.

It was great to catch up with Kat & Mike, and to meet Zion for the first time, as well as meeting Tracey and Kat's cousins Jennifer and Sydney.

I look forward to the next adventure where we get to meet up again..! (Sydney may well be joining in on Riverwarriors 2: The Paddle North, beginning 2015..!)



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