Friday, July 12, 2013

Beating a path through BC.

We have made it into British Columbia. Then out again, back into Yukon Territory... And then back into BC.
The Alaskan Highway through Yukon dipped into BC for a half-a-days ride or so, before we spent the rest of the afternoon and the next morning clipping along east towards the junction with the Cassiar Highway.

Our ride was made much more pleasant for the tailwind we were finally receiving, and although we seemed to be trying to outrun a weather front that had sprinkled on us periodically throughout the day, the impending storm that made us set up our bush camp in a hurry, passed us by farther west, leaving us with some glorious sunshine and a crystal clear cold creek to sit by and have dinner.

Later the next day, having turned south on route 37, known as the Cassiar Highway, we entered BC properly.

The weather started to become more and more overcast and windy until we ended up riding in cold driving rain, thoroughly soaking and chilling us, making things much less pleasant than they should have been, as well as robbing us of the scenic views the highway is known for.
When the rain cleared and the sun poked back out, we seized the opportunity to dry out wet tents and air damp sleeping bags.

The mozzies were thick and biting something fierce at the past few campgrounds, and we have all received way too many bites on our legs, heads, necks and in some unspeakable places too... The morning bush-bathroom-break has been a rushed, painful experience!
Laying in your tent looking at a few hundred of the little bastards just gagging to get in at you isn't a whole load of fun!

The rain came back with a vengeance, and the air temperature dropped to single digits (Celsius) so again, enjoying downhills wasn't easy, as fingers, noses, toes and ears were numb and sore with the chill.
Waking to a steady drumbeat of rain on the tent fly foretold a grim days ride...

We did enjoy the company of the local resident of one small village we passed through, Good Hope Lake.
As we entered the town, there was a large neon-orange hand-painted sign that read 'Watch 4 Horse'.
Horse. Singular. That seemed a little strange. But it soon became obvious as whilst trying to shelter from the rain and wind and eat a few snacks, Zephyr, the village horse came to visit.

Pushing on, the rain having finally let up a bit, we made it to Simmonds Lake, where free camping next to the lake, a distinct lack of mozzies, and an excellent hearty fire made by Will made for a great spot to set up tents and eat our rehydrated dinners, all visibly steaming in the cooling evening air.

After getting away dry but chilly, the rain caught up with us again, and after 65 miles, 40 of them cold and soggy, we have made it here to the tiny town of Dease Lake, where a much needed warm, dry motel was obtained!
Tomorrow, we hope the forecasted improvement in the weather happens, as another wet cold day isn't very desirable.
We have fed up well at the local diner, stocked up on a few more snacks at the well-appointed grocery store over the road, and are now grazing on sugary snacks and watching the Discovery Channel. Oh yeah!
Cheers y'all.
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Location:Boulder St,,Canada

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